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Seminar Of Zakat

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Seminar on Zakat
Dear Members / Students,
The Karachi Branch Council (KBC) of ICMAP has always been active in personal and
professional development of the Members by organizing programs on capacity building, grooming
and personality development. Maintaining successful trend of organizing workshops and seminars,
the KBC organizing a Seminar on “ZAKAT – An Economic Pillar of Islam and the fifth most”.
There are two pillars of charity in Islam, which are called Zakat & Sadqah respectively. Zakat
from the verb Zaka, which is giving up of a portion of the wealth, which one may possess in excess
of what is needed for sustenance, is to “purify”, legalize (if at all there is bad element left in spite
of one’s efforts) it so that the remainder may lawfully be used by the aims giver.
A society can flourish only when its members do not spend all their wealth on the satisfaction of
their own desires but reserve a portion of it for deserving, relatives and neighbors.
Zakat is an important subject and we should therefore, understand the underlying philosophy of
this great injunction of the Holy Quran. The importance of this basic command in Islam could not
be overstressed, as it is one of the main sources of national progress and rapid development. To
fulfill such a sacred responsibility, the Karachi Branch Council felt it important to organize a
Seminar to highlight Zakat and its eligibility and spending. The Seminar will give in depth
knowledge of the concept of Zakat and its applications.
The details of the Seminar are as under:
Date and Timing : Tuesday, August 10, 2010 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm
Venue : Seminar Hall, ICMAP Head Office, Karachi.
Speakers : Mufti Najeeb (Specialization in Islamic Fiqah)
Shariah Advisor - Habib Metropolitan Bank & UBL Islamic Funds
CPD Credit : 01 Hour
With warm regards,
AbdulWasey Khan, ACMA
Karachi Branch Council - ICMAP
For online registration & further information please contact:
KBC Liaison Office, ST-18/C, ICMAP Avenue, Head Office, Block 6, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi-75300.
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Estd. 1951
Note: Consideration for time constraints will be highly appreciated.

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